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Shop Local

Sam Miranda Prosecco 750ml

Morrisons of Glenrowan Premium Reserve 500ml

Blue Ox jam 350g

Blue Ox relish 300g

Stewarton Farm tomato sauce 250ml

Yarra Valley Gourmet salad splash 250ml

King Valley Popcorn salted caramel 85g

Pagan’s Plate quince paste 120g

Homemade by Annie fig salami 100g

Maison Renoux cider vinegar 250ml

EV Olives extra virgin oil 250ml

Dexters chipotle sauce 120g

Beechworth Honey for cheese 100g

Bramble & Hedge nougat 50g

Irresistible Foods cookies 200g

Irresistible Foods artisan cookies 120g

Thin Lizzie’s crackers 100g

Alice Langton’s chocolate dipping sauce 150g

Chocilo 4 pack flower pot chocolates 50g

Lisa Pollock reusable shopping bay

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